One Picture Doing the Job of 1000 Words

Stock Photos Aren't Good Enough for Your Small Business

Stock Photos Aren’t Good Enough for Your Small Business

You are always trying your best to stand out from the numerous businesses that are already established. It is tough but you are determined to achieve your goals. You work on your branding, offers, and copy to make your website and other marketing tools.

Upon further inspection, you notice things aren’t working out the way you expected. Then suddenly, you notice the problem is nothing but the imagery.

Photos are really important to the success of your business and website. They tell your story better than words and enhance brand awareness.

Now, let’s look at reasons you should stop depending on stock photos.

1. Stock photos are too generic

The internet is fast becoming a smaller place. There might be hundreds or thousands of businesses, offering the same product or doing the same business as you. Poor quality imagery can ruin your business reputation. That’s why it is not good to depend on stock photos. Remember you are in a tough competition and need to make everything about your business original. Your customers or visitors may also visit other websites that offer the same business as you and seeing the same photos can damage your reputation.

2. May not convey the original idea

Photographers that contribute to stock photography websites submit images that will be used by many people. They also want to make money that’s why they submit images that would appeal to many businesses. The original concept of your brand can be lost partially or complete when you make use of stock photos. This can also harm your business reputation and trust. These photos were not taken with the concept of your business in mind. They are images made by photographers who want to earn money.

3. Low quality

You may want to reduce cost by reducing the resolution. By the time you try to resize them, you will have poor quality images that can make your website look very unprofessional.

4. Hinders Website Design

When you hire a designer to help you handle a marketing project, you expect them to be very creative and stay consistent to your brand. However, stock photography can hinder both. The designer cannot create a custom or unique design concept when he or she is limited to using stock photos. This can hinder your marketing campaign because your brand isn’t going to be properly represented.

Stock photos are not the best option for small businesses. The competition in the business world is increasing every day that is why you need images that can accurately represent your brand. Having a great quality website is not enough to achieve your marketing goal. You need quality images to build trust and create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

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